Sushi Menu

  • Sushi and Sashimi

    Freshly prepared for your order. Two pieces of sushi per order, three pieces of sashimi per order (Add $1.00)
    • Tobiko2222

      5555 6666
    • Tamago2222

      5555 6666
    • Kanikama2222

      5555 Imitation crab6666
    • Shrimp2222

      5555 Ebi6666
    • Squid2222

      5555 Ika6666
    • Scallop2222

      5555 Hotategai6666
    • Conch2222

      5555 Horagai6666
    • Salmon2222

      5555 Sake6666
    • Smoked Salmon2222

      5555 6666
    • Mackerel2222

      5555 Saba6666
    • Tuna2222

      5555 Maguro6666
    • Escolar2222

      5555 White Tuna6666
    • Salmon Roe2222

      5555 6666
    • Masago2222

      5555 With Quail Egg6666
    • Yellow Tail2222

      5555 Hamachi6666
    • Red Snapper2222

      5555 Tai6666
    • Octopus2222

      5555 Tako6666
    • Baby Octopus2222

      5555 6666
    • Eel2222

      5555 Unagi6666
    • House Special Tuna2222

      5555 in basket 6666
    • House Special Scallop2222

      5555 in basket 6666
    • Sea Urchin2222

      5555 Uni6666
    • Sunomono Salad2222

      5555 with sliced cucumber and crab6666
    • Seaweed Salad2222

      5555 6666
    • Salmon Skin Salad2222

      5555 salmon skin crab, cucumber, wakame, masago, mango, and avocado6666
    • Avocado Salad2222

      5555 with sliced cucumber & seaweed6666
    • Spicy Escolar or Tuna Salad2222

      5555 spicy tuna, wakame, cucumber, lettuce, masago, mango6666
    • Spicy Octopus Salad2222

      5555 cucumber/seaweed6666
    • Conch Squid Octopus Salad2222

      5555 cucumber/seaweed6666
    • Kanikama Salad2222

      5555 kanikama, shrimp, cucumber & seaweed6666
    • Spicy Yellow Tail Roll2222

      5555 with salmon 6666
  • Vegetable Rolls

    • Health Garden Roll2222

      5555 Asparagus, yams, tempura, Japanese mushroom, pineapple, avocado, topped with mango, toasted coconut and chopped almonds with white sour sauce6666
    • Cucumber Roll2222

      5555 with avocado and rice 6666
    • Asparagus Roll2222

      5555 with Japanese mushroom 6666
    • Avocado Roll2222

      5555 Avocado, pineapple, cucumber and asparagus 6666
    • Asparagus Tempura Roll2222

      5555 Tempura asparagus, sweet potato, pineapple and sweet BBQ sauce 6666
    • Tofu Roll2222

      5555 Fried tofu, tempura zucchini, cream cheese and special sauce 6666
    • Korea Vegetable Roll2222

      5555 Pineapple, asparagus, cucumber, avocado with Japanese mushroom and pickled radish6666
    • Vegetable Tempura Roll2222

      5555 Yams, cream cheese, mushrooms and zucchini with ponzu sauce 6666
    • Ormond Beach Veggie Roll2222

      5555 Tofu, cream cheese, yams and mushroom, deep fried and sweet and spicy sauce6666
    • Tokyo Special Veggie Roll2222

      5555 Zucchini, tofu, asparagus and cream cheese, deep fried with sweet and spicy sauce6666
    • Banana Roll2222

      5555 Deep fried banana, cucumber, avocado, topped with mango6666
    • Fruit Desert Roll2222

      5555 Avocado, banana, mango & garnish with strawberry on top then drizzled with honey6666
  • Cooked Rolls

    Meats are medium well
    • Salmon Skin Roll2222

      5555 with cucumber and avocado 6666
    • Salmon Skin Hand Roll2222

      5555 6666
    • Chicken Tempura Roll2222

      5555 with cream cheese 6666
    • Calamari Roll2222

      5555 with avocado 6666
    • Scallop Tempura Roll2222

      5555 with cream cheese 6666
    • Escolar Tempura Roll2222

      5555 with avocado 6666
    • Salmon Tempura Roll2222

      5555 with cream cheese 6666
    • Kanikama Roll2222

      5555 with cream cheese, cucumber, and mayo 6666
    • Shrimp Tempura Roll2222

      5555 with cucumber and cream cheese 6666
    • Steak Tempura Roll2222

      5555 with cream cheese and asparagus 6666
    • Spider Roll2222

      5555 Softshell crab, avocado and cucumber 6666
    • Tamago Roll2222

      5555 with cream cheese 6666
    • Cowboy Double Steak Roll2222

      5555 NY steak, onion, asparagus, zucchini tempura with Japanese mayo topped with NY steak & 3 special sauces 6666
    • Kentucky Double Chicken Roll2222

      5555 Chicken, pineapple, asparagus, onion tempura & Japanese mayo topped with chicken, teriyaki and spicy mayo 6666
    • Golden Gate Roll2222

      5555 Kanikama, cucumber, tempura crunch, mayo and cream cheese, topped with smoked salmon, mango, avocado and Tokyo special sauce 6666
  • Chefs Special Rolls

    • Fresh Salmon Pineapple Roll2222

      5555 Salmon, pineapple and cucumber, topped with wasabi, cavier 6666
    • Chicago Style Roll2222

      5555 Spicy red snapper, tuna, asparagus, scallion and avocado, topped with spicy diced cherries, hot sauce and wasabi caviar 6666
    • Tempura Fish Roll2222

      5555 Fried red snapper with mayo, pineapple, avocado, cucumber and scallion with white sour sauce 6666
    • Coconut Chicken Tempura Roll2222

      5555 Coconut chicken, tempura pineapple, cream cheese and avocado topped with shredded coconut and white sour sauce 6666
    • Mount State Fire Roll2222

      5555 Fried California roll cut and topped with dices spicy tuna and masago, finished with spicy hot sauce and wasabi caviar 6666
    • Deep Blue Sea Roll2222

      5555 California roll, cut and topped with diced tempura scallops, mayo mixed with white sour sauce & tempura crunch, spicy masago, scallions 6666
    • Mexican Roll2222

      5555 Shrimp tempura, asparagus, masago and mayo 6666
    • Royce Roll2222

      5555 Crab, escolar and avocado, topped with tempura crunch and masago 6666
    • Magic Kingdom Roll2222

      5555 Kanikama, shrimp, avocado, asparagus, masago and mayo 6666
    • Rainbow Roll2222

      5555 Salmon, tuna, escolar, yellow tail, snapper and avocado on top of a California roll 6666
    • Chef Tora Dessert Roll2222

      5555 Tempura scallops, shrimp, avocado, mixed spicy mayo, cream cheese, topped with kanikama & tobiko 6666
    • Coconut Shrimp Roll2222

      5555 Coconut shrimp, pineapple, cucumber and cream cheese topped with avocado and toasted coconut 6666
    • Pretty Lady Roll2222

      5555 Tuna pineapple, cream cheese and cucumber topped with mango, diced cherries and tobiko 6666
    • Pineapple Tempura Special Roll2222

      5555 Coconut shrimp, tempura pineapple, cream cheese and avocado topped with mango, white sour sauce and diced cherries 6666
    • Sea World Roll2222

      5555 Tempura kanikama mixed with masago, cream cheese, cucumber and mayo, topped with shrimp, avocado and wasabi caviar 6666
    • Caterpillar Roll2222

      5555 Eel, cream cheese, kanikama & avocado topped with two different types of caviar6666
    • George of the Jungle Roll2222

      5555 Smoked salmon, snapper, asparagus and avocado, deep fried and served with eel sauce 6666
    • Double Shrimp Roll2222

      5555 Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, cucumber and asparagus topped with steamed shrimp and mango, sprinkled with toasted coconut 6666
    • Crispy Roll2222

      5555 Salmon skin, eel, avocado and sweet & sour sauce 6666
    • Chef’s Roll2222

      5555 Tuna and salmon topped with mango, caviar and mayo sauce 6666
    • Escolar Almond Roll2222

      5555 White tuna, kanikama, avocado, masago, cucumber and asparagus topped with sear escolar and chopped almond drizzled with eel sauce and toasted coconut 6666
    • Valentine Roll2222

      5555 Tempura eel, cream cheese and cucumber topped with mango, avocado, red tuna, bacon crumbles and special eel sauce 6666
    • Queen of the Sea Roll2222

      5555 Kanikama and shrimp mixed with mayo, mango and avocado topped with white tuna, tobiko and smothered in eel sauce 6666
    • Volcano Roll2222

      5555 Chopped shrimp, scallop and kanikama on top of a California roll, baked and served with masago and mayo 6666
    • Busch Garden Tampa Roll2222

      5555 Shrimp tempura mixed with bacon, cream cheese and cucumber, topped with mango, salmon avocado and Tokyo special sauce 6666
    • Smokey Mountain Roll2222

      5555 Smoked salmon, pineapple, cream cheese, and cucumber topped with salmon, avocado and diced cherries 6666
    • Manhattan Roll2222

      5555 Red snapper, coconut shrimp, pineapple, cucumber and masago topped with tuna, salmon, escolar, mango, avocado, shrimp and wasabi caviar 6666
    • Tokyo Sashimi Roll2222

      5555 Shrimp, kanikama, avacado, cucumber, mango wrapped with escolar, salmon, red snapper. Served with kimchee sour sauce 6666
    • Granada Roll2222

      5555 Tuna, chopped kimchee salad, cucumber. Served with Kimchee sour sauce 6666
    • Candy Cane Special Roll2222

      5555 Crunchy, spicy tuna wrapped soy paper, tuna & escolar 6666
    • Tail Love Roll2222

      5555 Calamari, tempura, yellow tail inside wrapped with yellow tail and red snapper topped with tobiko wasabi hot sauce side dish 6666
    • Fantastic Ocean Roll2222

      5555 Shrimp tempura roll wrapped, smoked salmon on top with smooth eel sauce6666
    • Boom Club Special Roll2222

      5555 Deep fried smoked salmon, cream cheese, asparagus, jalapeno, crispy seaweed and wrapped with sushi rice and served with sour sauce 6666
    • Nova Apple Tuna Roll2222

      5555 Seaweed wrapped on the outside, with shrimp tempura, tuna apple, pineapple, deep fried and deep fried with peanut sauce 6666
    • Salmon Katsu Roll2222

      5555 Seaweed wrapped on the outside, toasted almond cream cheese, kanikama, pineapple, pieces of scallion, deep fried panko bread crumbs, spicy mayo and eel sauce6666
    • Big Eye Package2222

      5555 Sliced fish wrap in masago and quail egg (2 basket)6666
    • Ormond Beach Roll2222

      5555 Tempura shrimp and cucumber topped with salmon, escolar, white escolar and finished with BBQ eel sauce 6666
    • Volusia Roll2222

      5555 Smoked salmon and cream cheese deep fried, topped with caviar and finished with mayo sauce 6666
    • Flower Roll2222

      5555 Yellowtail, cucumber and avocado, topped with shrimp 6666
    • King Triton Roll2222

      5555 Eel tempura, shrimp, cream cheese and avocado topped with bacon crumbles, coconut, almonds and BBQ eel sauce 6666
    • New York Roll2222

      5555 Salmon, avocado, asparagus and cucumber rolled with tuna, yellow tail, salmon on top then garnished with caviar 6666
    • Popeye’s Chicken Special Roll2222

      5555 Chicken tempura, bacon, pineapple and cream cheese topped with mango and eel, and finished with a perfect combination of eel sauce and Tokyo special sauce 6666
    • Napoleon Special Roll2222

      5555 Shrimp tempura, cream cheese and cucumber, topped with mango, avocado, eel, bacon crumbles and smothered in eel sauce 6666
    • Diamond Roll2222

      5555 Tempura scallop, bacon, pineapple and avocado, topped with mango, massago and sweet-n-sour sauce 6666
    • King of The Sea Roll2222

      5555 Red snapper, salmon, escolar, cucumber, avocado and mushrooms topped with yellow tail, tuna, smoked salmon, scallions, bacon crumbles and eel sauce 6666
    • Dolphin Roll2222

      5555 shrimp, kanikama, cucumber and asparagus topped with avocado and tuna, bacon crumbles, tempura crunch, bbq eel sauce and sweet-n-sour sauce 6666
    • Beauty and the Beast Roll2222

      5555 Shrimp tempura, eel kanikama meat and cream cheese topped with mayo, tuna, bacon crumbles, tempura crunch and finished with BBQ eel sauce and sweet-n-sour sauce6666
    • Disney World Roll2222

      5555 Shrimp, kanikama, mango and cucumber topped with tuna, yellow tail, scallions, massago and bacon crumbles, finished with sweet-n-sour sauce and eel sauce 6666
    • Shakespeare in Love Roll2222

      5555 Tuna, salmon, kanikama meat, masago, athiko, asparagus, avocado and yamago, cream cheese cut into the shape of the flower and deep fried 6666
    • Keywest Lobster Roll2222

      5555 Tempura lobster mixed with cucumber, mayo, kanikama and masago, topped with mango and avocado 6666
    • Titan Roll2222

      5555 Five kinds of fish: salmon, tuna, yellow tail, red snapper, escolar, deep fried with special sauce6666
    • Crumbled Bacon Special Roll2222

      5555 Shrimp, tempura eel, cream cheese and mango topped with yellow tail, tuna, crumbled bacon scallions, tempura crunch, 3 types of roe and finished with eel sauce6666
    • Florida Roll2222

      5555 Kanikama tempura, mango, cream cheese, cucumber and avocado topped with tuna, four kinds of caviar, tempura crunch and Tokyo special combination sauce 6666
    • Tokyo Sushi Press2222

      5555 Shrimp, kanikama, spicy Japanese mayo and tempura crumbles, pressed with sushi rice and topped with salmon 6666
    • Dancing Dragon Roll2222

      5555 Kanikama meat, cucumber and avocado topped with a whole eel and eel sauce6666
    • Kansas Roll2222

      5555 Steak and chicken tempura, kanikama, asparagus topped with avocado, mango with chopped almond, toasted coconut and bacon crumbles 6666
    • Sushi Pizza2222

      5555 Kanikama, shrimp, mushroom, avocado, scsllion, white sauce, massago, tempura flakes, cheese with white tuna, tobiko and baked6666
    • Deep Fried Time Square2222

      5555 (without seaweed) kanikama, cream cheese, yellow tail, deep fried, topped with sliced scallops, spicy mayo and tobiko 6666
    • Las Vegas Roll2222

      5555 Eel, avocado, cream cheese, kanikama, deep fried 6666
    • Osaka Roll2222

      5555 Shrimp tempura, bean sprout, avocado topped w/chopped shrimp, kanikama, scallop, white sour sauce masago with tobiko 6666
  • Rolls without Seaweed

    • Miss Saigon Roll2222

      5555 Shrimp, kanikama, cucumber, lettuce and avocado wrapped in rice paper 6666
    • Rain Forest Roll2222

      5555 Eel, smoked salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese 6666
    • Ormond Beach Cucumber Roll2222

      5555 Shrimp, kanikama, avocado and cucumber 6666
    • Ichiban Roll2222

      5555 Fresh snapper and cream cheese, wrapped with soy paper, with escolar baked with Japanese mayo & caviar on top 6666
    • Low Carb Roll2222

      5555 Tuna, Salmon, Escolar, Avocado wrapped with cucumber 6666
  • Sushi Delicacies

    • Baked Scallop Honeymoon Style2222

      5555 Baked Scallops, kanikama meat and samago 6666
    • Sunomono Dish2222

      5555 A little bit of everything sashimi! mango, cucumber, avocado 6666
    • Spicy Drunken Tuna Dish2222

      5555 6666
    • Tokyo Style Unagi Don Buri2222

      5555 BBQ eel on a bed of sushi rice topped with smooth eel sauce and Japanese mushroom 6666
    • Tokyo Style Chirashi2222

      5555 Assortment of sashimi laid on a bowl of sushi rice with tobiko and pickled radish 6666
    • Tekka Don2222

      5555 Tuna sashimi laid on a bowl of sushi, fish powder, tobiko 6666
    • Usuzukuri2222

      5555 Thin sliced red snapper, special spicy pnozu sauce 6666
  • Spicy Rolls

    • Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll2222

      5555 Shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber 6666
    • Spicy Tuna Hand Roll2222

      5555 Spicy tuna with cucumber and avocado in cone shaped roll 6666
    • Spicy Yellow Tail Hand Roll2222

      5555 Spicy yellow tail with cucumber and asparagus in cone shaped roll 6666
    • Spicy Salmon Hand Roll2222

      5555 Spicy salmon with avocado and asparagus in cone shaped roll 6666
    • Spicy Combo Hand Roll2222

      5555 Spicy white escolar, salmon, avocado, cucumber and asparagus in cone shaped roll6666
    • Dynamite Roll2222

      5555 Fried fish, caviar and asparagus 6666
    • Hot Ikaten Roll2222

      5555 Squid tempura with avocado and scallions 6666
    • Spicy Conch Roll2222

      5555 with scallion and cucumber6666
    • Spicy Tuna Roll2222

      5555 with cucumber 6666
    • Kanikama Salad Roll2222

      5555 Crab salad mixed with mayo, sesame oil, scallions, and avocado with hot sauce 6666
    • Spicy Yellow Tail Roll2222

      5555 with salmon 6666
    • Banzai Super Spicy Roll2222

      5555 Spicy conch, tuna, avocado and peppers 6666
    • Epcot Center Roll2222

      5555 Spicy white escolar, cucumber, avocado, tempura crunch and mayo 6666
    • Spicy Salmon Roll2222

      5555 Spicy salmon, cucumber and cream cheese, deep fried 6666
    • Spicy Octopus Roll2222

      5555 Spicy octopus, shrimp, cucumber, and masago 6666
    • Heavenly Roll2222

      5555 Spicy tuna and yellow tail 6666
    • Spicy Twin Roll2222

      5555 Red and white escolar on top of a spicy tuna roll 6666
    • American Roll2222

      5555 Tempura shrimps, kanikama, cucumber, tempura flakes, and cream cheese topped with mango and caviar 6666
    • Skinnity Roll2222

      5555 Spicy tuna & cream cheese, deep fried and served with spicy mayo 6666
    • Dragon Roll2222

      5555 Eel and shrimp tempura roll with avocado on top 6666
    • Hawaiian Roll2222

      5555 Tuna, cucumber & avocado with spicy salmon on top 6666
    • Fire Cracker Deluxe Roll2222

      5555 Yellow tail, salmon, mushroom, cucumber, jalapeno and topped with tuna, tempura crunch, crumbled bacon and Tokyo special sauce 6666
    • Killer Combo2222

      5555 Spicy super white escolar wrapped with soy paper, covered with big eye tuna and caviar sauce 6666
    • King Salmon Special Roll2222

      5555 Spicy yellow tail, conch, avocado and mayo topped with salmon, masago and wasabi caviar6666
    • Tokyo Special Roll2222

      5555 Tempura shrimp, cucumber and avocado topped with spicy tuna, caviar crunch, scallions and Tokyo special sauce 6666
    • Sea Rising Roll2222

      5555 White escolar, salmon, crab, topped with tuna and tobiko 6666
    • Red Dragon Roll2222

      5555 Eel tempura, cream cheese, avocado roll with spicy tuna & crunchy on top 6666
    • Tidal Wave Tsunami Roll2222

      5555 Tempura lobster, asparagus, kanikama and flying fish roe. Finished with Japanese spicy BBQ sauce and mayo 6666
  • Maki Rolls

    • California Roll2222

      5555 kanikama, avocado, cucumber 6666
    • Eel Roll2222

      5555 eel with avocado6666
    • Eel Hand Roll2222

      5555 eel, avocado, cucumber 6666
    • Tuna2222

      5555 fresh tuna with scallion 6666
    • Red Snapper Roll2222

      5555 with scallions 6666
    • Philadelphia Roll2222

      5555 smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber 6666
    • Salmon Roll2222

      5555 6666
    • Chicken Teriyaki Roll2222

      5555 chicken teriyaki, avocado 6666
    • Crunch Munch Roll2222

      5555 tempura crunch, kanikama meat, avocado, mayo 6666
    • Yellow Tail Roll2222

      5555 with scallions 6666
    • Conch Roll2222

      5555 conch, tuna 6666
    • Escolar Roll2222

      5555 with asparagus 6666
    • Honeymoon Roll2222

      5555 scallop, mayo, scallion 6666
    • Eel Tempura Roll2222

      5555 eel, cream cheese, avocado, tempura crunch & eel sauce 6666
    • Shrimp Kanikama Roll2222

      5555 with cucumber and asparagus 6666
    • Hamachi Roll2222

      5555 escolar, yellow tail, cucumber, avocado 6666
    • Crunch Roll2222

      5555 crab, avocado, cream cheese, tempura crunch 6666
    • Alaska Salmon Roll2222

      5555 salmon, cucumber, avocado 6666
    • Chef Minh Roll2222

      5555 yellow tail, shrimp and asparagus 6666
    • Steak Tataki Roll2222

      5555 steak tataki, cucumber, asparagus and avocado 6666
    • Combination Roll2222

      5555 escolar, salmon, cucumber, tempura crunch 6666
    • Super Crunch Roll2222

      5555 tempura white fish, cream cheese, tempura crunch 6666
    • Japanese Bagel Roll2222

      5555 smoked salmon, kanikama, avocado, cream cheese crumbled bacon 6666
    • Futomaki Roll2222

      5555 kanikama, shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, masago 6666
    • Beef Negimaki2222

      5555 6666
    • Hurricane Roll2222

      5555 smoked salmon, eel, avocado, tempura crunch, kanikama, mayo & topped with tobiko 6666
    • Seafood Delight2222

      5555 kanikama, avocado, mango, cream cheese, with shrimp on top of roll 6666
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